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July 18, 2022 4 min read

Whether you spend it sunbathing on the patio or traveling to exotic places, summer is often associated with joyful memories. The good news is you can extend the summer happiness in your home.

To get you inspired, here are five décor ideas to bring the summer vibe into your home.

1. Decorate in Sunshine Yellow

Yellow is the color of summer, together with clear blue skies and lush green grass. In the sunshine, the world feels brighter, warmer, and happier.

A refreshing burst of yellow inside your home evokes the thought of the sun's rays bouncing off your skin. Thus, you become happier and more positive.

Here are simple ways to introduce the glow of yellow in your interiors.

  • Yellow-tinged foliage will add an inspiring touch to your table setting.
  • Use a warm and vivid yellow accent on your living room's window recess wall. You can match it with an assorted mix of yellow cushions.
  • Apply vivid blocks of yellow to transform your white kitchen into a summer spectacle.
  • Make the window in the dining room a centerpiece by using a set of patterned yellow blinds.
  • Use patterned wallpaper featuring golden rays on one wall in your bedroom to create an overall dramatic effect.
  • A bathroom painted in golden tones can help energize your morning shower.

2. Decorate with Chinoiserie Print

Are you looking for a quick way to add timeless sophistication and happiness to your interiors? Consider decorating with the Chinoiserie style, which has been around for centuries.

Chinoiserie originates from the French word "chinois," which means Chinese. It's spoken about in reference to Chinese design. It depicts several key motifs, such as Chinese figures, romantic florals, landscapes, pagodas, and fierce animals.

It was a uniquely western interpretation of Asian influences in the 17th and 18th centuries when travelers and traders returned with their wares and drawings from their excursions in the Far East.

Designers started translating Chinese style into all design aspects, including porcelain, furniture, wallpapers, and architecture. So how can you incorporate the timeless Chinoiserie look into your interiors?

You can add Chinoiserie-style furniture to interior spaces. Another great way to introduce Asian flair to your home is to place blue and white porcelain on your dining table. For greater impact, have a collection of vases grouped on the table.

The characteristics of Chinoiserie are intricate detailing and ornamentation. Decorate your sofa or bed with a group of pillows featuring vintage frog knot detail.

3. Decorate With Bold Floral Prints

Nothing represents summer more than flowers. Dining and entertainment rooms are wonderful places to be bold with bold floral prints.

A great way to decorate with floral prints is to repeat it across the room. Match the wallpaper with window blinds, cushion covers, or pillows to achieve the wow factor. You can also fill your living room with vibrant wallpaper featuring garden-inspired blooms for a timeless year-round charm.

If you love a subtle statement, opt for a single motif as the focal point of your room. Among a collection of solids and neutrals, window blinds with bold floral print may stand out, adding color and life to a space.

Flower-strewn panels are also a major wallpaper trend. Apply these bold and vibrant blooms to your entryway.

4. Use White to Brighten Your Rooms

The summer season includes hot and bright days. This means that your home gets a lot more natural light. But does your room feel dingy and dark?

You can apply white as a base color to brighten your interior spaces if adding windows or doing structural changes is not practical.

Here are several ways to achieve this:

  • Every décor guide will tell you this: embrace white walls. White reflects light off surfaces, giving a sense of spaciousness.
  • A white ceiling makes your space feel taller. Don't go for ivory, cream, or replicas of white. Only settle for a true white ceiling.
  • Pay attention to what is underfoot. Remember that your flooring can set the tone for the entire home. A white floor may help brighten a dark space. So consider going for white floor tiles. Alternatively, a white rug may also do the trick.
  • Your furniture also affects the amount of light entering your home. A stylish sofa in white color will make the living room feel more spacious.

5. Use Floral Wreaths on the Front Door

Another perfect way to set the tone for summer is to hang a floral wreath on your front door. Vibrant blooms will add life to your entrance. Also, adding seashells to the wreath may give your home the feeling of a beach house.

Here are examples of summer wreaths to usher the long, bright days ahead:

  • A pink strawflower wreath features beautiful pink and burgundy hues. It depicts the vibrant colors of fresh flowers during the summer.
  • A yellow wreath denotes the bright sunshine of summer. It matches the sunny weather.
  • A seaside grass wreath offers a beach house vibe.
  • Hanging an ocean wreath on your door evokes a splash of cool shades inspired by the blue sky and sea.
  • A tulip wreath brings to mind the spring season, but such wreaths are also perfect for summer. Hang this artificial wreath on your front door to mark the bright summer days.

The Bottom Line

The relaxed, carefree vibe of summer is not restricted just to the outdoors. You can still enjoy it while indoors. By using the décor ideas mentioned above, you can extend summer magic to your interior spaces and spark instant happiness.


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