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June 19, 2022 4 min read

If you're thinking about creative farmhouse decor ideas, you're in the right place.

In this article, we go over how you may use different types of accessories, decorations, and design patterns to give your farmhouse the exact vibe that you're looking for.

Farmhouse Decor Ideas

1. Hang plaques

Hanging up plaques with inspirational quotes and motivational phrases will add a sophisticated and modern vibe to your farmhouse. Alternatively, you can lighten up the mood by decorating your walls with plaques that have playful or humorous sayings.

Another popular choice is to hang a plaque that has your address on it by the front door. Here, you could choose a design that suits your preferences and blends in with the rest of your decorations.

2. Rustic Brick Wall

A rustic brick wall will give your farmhouse a classic and warm, yet contemporary, feel. A rustic brick wall would fit in perfectly with your fireplace area.

In the same vein, you may want to think about adding your own touches to the wall by decorating it with pictures, plaques, and other forms of wall art.

3. Use Books as Wall Art

While cliche, books are great accessories to use as wall art. After all, its no wonder that many people buy blank/empty books that are purely designed for decorative purposes.

Whether you want to hang your actual books or faux ones, this form of wall art screams education and sophistication.

4. Create a Display Under a Hanging Picture

Instead of merely hanging pictures of yourself and your family members/loved ones, consider arranging and displaying them in an artistic way, such as an upside-down triangle or pattern.

5. Use Wood Decorations

Decorations that are made out of wood last for a long time. They also create a warm and cozy vibe in your farmhouse.

Examples of wood decorations include picture frames, candles, art, wall clocks, table clocks, and even plaques.

6. Mix Materials - Marble, Wood, Metals

Rather than only using wood, you can mix between different materials to give your home the feel that you want. For instance, stainless steel may express modernity, while marble showcases elegance and wealth.

7. Decorate Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are great because they don't consume a lot of space and could be hung in many areas.

If you buy a floating shelf, consider decorating it with the accessories that we mentioned in this article.

8. Different Size and Shape Vases

Vases can lighten up your hallways, stairs, and empty walls. Moreover, the right vase could complement your existing decorations, such as books, shelves, pictures, and plaques.

9. Barn Doors

Nothing screams farmhouse more than barn doors. Based on your tastes and preferences, you may come up with the right vibe by choosing door colors, textures, and materials that match the rest of your furniture.

10. Pale Color Palette

Pale colors are usually defined as bright colors (like green, blue, yellow, and orange) that have a white taint on them. This type of palette, due its lightness, can create a calm and relaxing environment in your farmhouse.

11. Find Authentic Pieces

By hanging authentic and original artwork or collectible items, you are showcasing your unique taste and appreciation for creativity.

Depending on your budget, you could decorate your home with paintings that are made by local artists or purchase authentic artwork from other countries and cultures. 

12. Display China Plates

China plates are made out of high-quality ceramic. Some people use them to eat, but many others prefer to utilize them as decorations due to their fragile nature and elegant design.

13. Deep Farmhouse Sinks

Consider installing deep sinks if you regularly use large pieces of cookware or prepare meals for multiple people (whether they're your household members or guests).

Farmhouse sinks are deeper and bigger than their traditional counterparts, and installing them may take up a lot of cabinet space. Keep this in mind as you decide if and where you want to place a deep farmhouse sink. 

14. Fireplace

A fireplace would give your living room and home a warm and comfortable vibe. This is the case even if you don't use it.

Needless to say, those who live in areas that experience relatively cold winters will also enjoy the practical benefits of a fireplace.

15. Gingham Patterns

A gingham pattern consists of two different colors that crisscross and form checkerboard-like design. This pattern is particularly ideal if you want your home to have a barn and farming theme.

Above all, gingham curtains, table cloths, and other types of decorations are among the cheapest and most affordable ones on the market.

16. Wicker Accents

Wicker decorations are a great way to create outdoorsy and summer-like vibes in your farmhouse.

Not only do wicker accessories last for a long time when exposed to the sun, but they can blend with different themes and decorations.

17. Distressed Furniture

You may intentionally make your furniture appear worn-out to give it a unique old-school look. If you choose to distress your furniture, make sure that you use and accurately follow the right techniques in order to avoid unintentional damages.

18. Wreaths

Circular wreaths with green and red flowers are widely popular as door decorations during Christmas. Yet, with the right plants and colors, you could decorate your home with wreaths year-round.

19. Throw Blankets

Throw blankets have both decorative and practical applications. When placed on a couch, throw blankets will give your farmhouse a domestic and cozy vibe.

They also indirectly invite your guests to get comfortable and feel like they're at home, regardless of whether or not they wrap themselves with the throw blanket.

20. Candles and Candlesticks

Similarly, lit and unlit candles, alike, can brighten up the mood in your home, especially when they complement the rest of your furniture and decorations.

For example, you could place a candle in a manner that draws attention to your plaques, pictures, books, and/or shelves. If you plan on using vases, authentic pieces, or china plates, consider getting candles with matching colors.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is that you may use scented candles with aromas that, when combined with your other decorations and furniture, give your farmhouse the appearance, vibe, and smell that you're looking for.

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