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September 14, 2022 4 min read

Is your night table taking the fun out of your bedroom décor? Having a fancy bed, a great mattress, and a nice rug to go with it is a great way to curate a beautiful bedroom. But, without a well-decorated night table, your bedroom's ambiance will still look a bit bland.

The Problem With Night Tables

Night tables offer convenient spaces for storing everything you need at arm's reach while in bed. Unfortunately, they end up becoming dumping grounds for everything. Everythingfrom piled-up books to that used mug you've been meaning to remove but haven't quite gotten tocontributes to clutter.

In turn, the clutter takes up space on your nightstand, limiting usable space. Clutter also makes your room look disorganized and can even be mentally taxing. Therefore, before decorating your nightstand, you first need to eliminate the clutter.

How to Decorate a Practical Night Stand

Here are seven easy ways to decorate your night table and accentuate your bedroom's aesthetics.

1. Add a lamp

The right lamp can provide both style and functionality. If we're being honest, a nightstand without a lamp looks incomplete. But that doesn't mean you should choose any lamp out there. The lamp you choose to go for should have the perfect size and style.

Ideally, you should look for a lamp that's neither too big that it overwhelms your night table nor too small to be noticed. While you're at it, consider getting a lamp that blends into your bedroom's décor. If you're short on space, you can also install a wall sconce above the nightstand instead.

2. Hide your cords

Virtually every electronic device on your nightstand comes with a cord. These cords create clutter and often end up in a knotted mess. The best option here would be to keep those electronics elsewhere, even your phone charger.

It might seem inconvenient initially, but once you see the added benefits of having a clutter-free night table, you'll wish you'd done this long ago.

Alternatively, you can hide your cords by running them behind your nightstand, cutting into the drywall behind your nightstand, or concealing them with cord covers. You can also modify your nightstand by drilling holes into the back of the drawers or avoid all that hassle by purchasing a double-shelf nightstand that allows you to run cables between the shelves.

3. Add fresh flowers or plants

Natural colors can bring any space to life, and it doesn't get more colorful than flowers and plants. They're also pretty effective in bringing a natural element to the room and making the space feel peaceful.

If you're worried you'll end up killing your new plants, consider getting some tiny succulents or dried flowers. These flowers require minimal maintenance and can retain their natural beauty for months or even years.

4. Use a bowl for accessories

Do you often find yourself dumping a ton of small stuff on your nightstand? If that's the case, you often end up creating a mess and even losing items.

What if there's a way you can still do that and decorate your nightstand at the same time? A simple bowl can hold small items while acting as a decorative piece.

5. Add art

Art adds color and personality to any space. A simple painting or a photo of your friends and family can serve as a perfect decorative piece. When choosing which art to go with, take something that lifts your spirit since it's likely to be the first thing you see in the morning.

6. Add a coaster

Spilled drinks don't go quite well with bedroom furniture. They often lead to spill marks and can even cause your night table's finishing to peel off. Adding a simple coaster to your nightstand will not only protect its surface but also act as a decorative piece.

7. Put in some effort to keep the space clean

Decorating a night table is pretty easy. The hard part is keeping it that way. You may find yourself placing small, inconsequential items on your night table. With time, these items build up and create a mess.

Therefore, the next time you think about placing that candy wrapper on your nightstand or leaving an empty mug there, think again. Make an effort to keep all 'trash' away from your nightstand.

Think of it like any other part of your house that needs cleaning. You may need to rearrange things a little as you add more decorative pieces, but make sure it's never cluttered. Besides, who doesn't like coming home to a clean room?

Links to Recommended Products

Even the best advice can be ineffective without useful suggestions. So, to make your decorating experience a little easier, here are some links to beautiful, cost-effective products that can help bring your nightstand to life.


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The Bottom Line

It doesn't take a pro to decorate a night table perfectly. With the ideas mentioned above and a little creativity, you can turn your bedroom furniture into a functional decorative piece. 

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