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September 01, 2022 4 min read

Decorating the TV stand makes your living room feel complete. But the decorating job involves much more than just having a big screen on top of the stand. To help you out, here are 10 décor ideas that will help transform the look of your existing TV stand.

Tips for Decorating a TV Stand

1. Play With Different Shapes

Create a visual balance on your TV stand area by using décor items that vary in color, texture, height, and shape. Essentially, you should look for décor elements with simple shapes and subtle colors. These décor will not take focus away from the television.

Besides the conventional square and rectangular shapes of decor elements like picture frames and trays, go for circles, ovals, or distinct shapes for this space. You could also add subtle items like a lamp, tall candlesticks, or a metallic sculpture. For more creative ideas, you can use vases, decorative trays, or a stack of books to accentuate the TV stand area.

2. Keep It Clean & Neutral

Essentially, you want to keep your TV stand area on the neutral side to achieve a clean and chic look. First, consider a neutral-colored TV stand, which could be black, white, beige, or gray.

Less is more for your TV stand area. This means that you can just decorate with a few décor pieces to achieve a clean, minimal look. You should also allow each decorative accessory, whether it's a vase filled with foliage or candlesticks, to stand on its own on the TV stand.

And most importantly, make sure these décor pieces don't have colors that vary significantly from your neutral-colored TV stand. Ideally, they should feature soft, low-profile colors.

3. The Stand and Decor Should Match

Your TV stand area should have a consistent color palette. That means your décor pieces should combine tastefully with the TV stand itself.

Let's assume your TV stand is black. In this case, you could shop for accents that are close to the black color scheme on the color wheel. Your accents may have shades of white, beige, or gray.

On the other hand, if the hardware differs from the color of the TV stand, go for décor pieces that accentuate the color of that hardware. Let's assume that the hardware of your white TV stand is gold-colored. In this case, could decorate your TV stand with items that have shades of cream, yellow, or taupe to add to the warmth and glow of the gold-colored hardware.

This strategy will create a sense of cohesion in your TV stand space as the colors of the accents and that of the console itself complement one another.

4. Mid-Century Modern Might Fit Your Space

Mid-century modern design shot to fame in the middle of the 20th century. These pieces typically adopt a minimalistic design. They are usually made of natural materials such as leather and wood and are characterized by geometric shapes and bold colors.

If you're looking to incorporate this style into your living space, then the TV stand area is a great option. You could decorate your TV stand with some of the 70s-inspired décor elements, including sculptural candlesticks, geometric artwork, uniquely shaped jars, and pops of color. Don't forget to add some warm-wood pieces to bring that retro style feel.

5. Only a Few Decorative Objects

Aim to keep your TV stand décor to a minimum to avoid a cluttered look. Consider decorating with just three to four pieces.

6. Don't Overcrowd the Space

If you stuff your TV stand with all sorts of décor, it will distract you from watching the TV. Stacking allows you to combine décor pieces rather than having them standing on their own. Essentially, you should stack two or three books and add a jar or vase to create height.

Another amazing option is to use a decorative tray to assemble your accessory pieces.

7. Incorporate Plants

Decorating your TV stand with green plants or flowers allows you to extend nature inside your living space. Both natural and artificial plants work well for this purpose.

Picking a green plant or a bouquet of flowers is just the start. The vase that will hold the greenery or flowers also acts as a decorative piece. So consider its size, color, shape, and material in respect to your overall TV stand design.

8. Add Bookcases to the Sides

Your decorating job should not end just with the TV stand. You can take advantage of the space on both sides of your TV stand.

Place vertical bookcases on each side of the stand to create additional shelving space to accommodate more décor. Apart from books, think of custom art prints, woven baskets, treasured family portraits, and meaningful statues. These will help add a sense of personality and intrigue to your shelves.

9. Use Something With Storage

The living room is often a high-traffic area in most homes. And often, people leave remote controls, gaming consoles, keys, and gadgets all over the place.

The TV stand is an ideal place to store such household items. But you must keep it organized. Consider using decorative storage boxes, round baskets, or trays, especially if your TV stand has open shelves. Such storage options can keep everything organized around your media console.

10. Add a Sign on the Top

You can accessorize the top of your TV stand with a sign. This decorating choice can add visual interest when the TV is not on.

The Bottom Line

TV stands are usually the main focal point in living rooms. But they are sometimes forgotten during the home decoration process.

The tips mentioned above should help you transform this area into a statement-making centerpiece. While at it, remember to match your accessories with the style of your TV stand.

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