Vintage Embossed Timeless Glass Candle Jar 12oz

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Our Timeless candle jar collection, featuring a stamped wood lid and vintage style embossed glass, is perfect for freshening up your space while adding a soft farmhouse touch.

  • Measures 5.25"H x 4" Diameter
  • 12oz, 75 hrs burn
  • Made from 100% soybean wax
  • Multiple fragrances available
Citrus & Sage- an upfront sage note followed by a blend of citrus

Lavender & Lemongrass- spring fragrance with a potpourri twist of lavender and citrus notes

Mango & Peach Slices- fresh juicy peaches meet sweet mangos 

Thai Pear- fresh and crisp, a pure pear fragrance with earthy notes on the back end

White Peach & Clove- rich throws of peach with mild clove notes

Fresh Strawberry- comforting aroma of fresh-picked strawberries

Raspberry Rhubarb- sweet but layered, raspberry brightened with lemon and lemongrass while the tartness of rhubarb is made sweeter with strawberry

Spring Thyme- crisp nuances of crushed basil complimented with cucumber extract, revitalizing notes of rosemary, petitgrain & lemongrass with undertones of cedar leaf, amber & eucalyptus

Floral Story- warm and spicy vanilla and patchouli provide a strong base to frame the light and delicate notes of jasmine and lily

Wanderlust- combination of muguet blossom, amber, bright citron, heliotrope flower and clove & white cedar with sweet undertones of vanilla, damask roses & guaiacwood