Farmhouse Office Decor

Farmhouse Office Décor 

Many people are working from home today. If you are looking to create an office space that is inspired by farmhouse décor, check out our amazing collection below!

Farmhouse Office Decor

If you’re planning to design your home office in the farmhouse style, you’ll need to have just the right accent pieces to bring things together! To complete a coherent design in your office, paying attention to the details is essential. This clever Divided Rusty Wagon Planter to help you organize all of your writing utensils is a cute and useful desktop tool that will add true farmhouse charm to your office! At A Cottage in the City, we have all kinds of office decorations, both small and large, to suit your specific style tastes.


One of the key aspects of a good farmhouse office decoration is that it is both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. This Metal Book Stand is perfect for holding up books, papers, or tablets that you need to have at your fingertips while you’re working. And, in addition to its multifunctionality, the book stand is made with a galvanized metal finish and a scalloped top that is right at home with the farmhouse style.


This Metal Mail Basket is another excellent example of the union between function and form. It can be easy to lose track of important documents in your home office, but with this sturdy metal basket you’ll always be able to find what you need! Wooden handles and a lightly rusted metal finish complete the vintage appearance of this decoration piece. These Copper Finish Storage Baskets offer similar functionality in a different farmhouse aesthetic.

Farmhouse Office Ideas

Designing an office in the farmhouse style involves plenty of creativity and inspiration, and it’s important to remember that you have a wide array of design options to pick from! The farmhouse style can be as sophisticated, rugged, or as playful as you want to make it. From a modern office with carefully chosen farmhouse embellishments to a fully-fledged farmhouse style office made with wholly vintage pieces, there’s something for everyone when it comes to farmhouse decor.


Try combining our Hampstead Lamp with some Whitewashed Wood Corbel Bookends along with an embellished vintage desk and some faded light blue shelving units to create a French farmhouse style. This Sugarboo Designs Leather Journal is both practical and stylish and will look wonderful when situated on the desk next to a fancy pen!


For a modern, chic farmhouse aesthetic, pair a metal filing cabinet desk with some potted plants, a cozy window covering, and these multifunctional Enamel Containers with Wood Lids. Add in this Pink Elephant Paperweight for a dash of color and whimsy that is sure to help keep up a modern appearance while adding a splash of vintage feel.

Vintage Office Decor

A farmhouse style home office may be designed in a modern or vintage style depending on your preference. A vintage farmhouse will need authentic-looking decor that will spark thoughts of earlier times while maintaining that ever-important criteria of high functionality.


This Vintage Drawer Pull Photo Holder will add a sense of nostalgia to your vintage office space. Made from a ceramic drawer pull base and with rusty wire twisted to hold photos, this photo holder is clever, space-saving, and attractive. Paired with this Love Soapstone Paperweight and a few carefully chosen furniture pieces, these pieces will convincingly fill out a shabby chic farmhouse design.


If you need a way to clearly demarcate your private office space, look no further than this Hanging Metal Office Sign! Painted with black letters on a white background on distressed metal, this sign is the perfect way to show guests the way to your office without ever sacrificing elegance or style.


These Antiqued Gold Trim Black Board Stands will give you the perfect place to scratch down notes or keep track of your to-do list. Made with a chalkboard background, gold trim, and a molded cast iron base, these stands will fit in any vintage or farmhouse style home office.