Wall Mirrors

At A Cottage in the City, we offer a selection of wall-mirrors that expertly complement vintage décor or interior designs in the farmhouse style. Our mirrors come in all sizes and a wide selection of unique appearances to create an interesting focal point or even the illusion of more space in small rooms.

Eloise Mirror
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Mansard Mirror
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Industrial Metal Pane Mirror
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Arch Street Dawn Mirror
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Arched Window Mirrors S/2
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Industrial Wall Mirror With Lights
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Adjustable Metal Wall Mirror
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Iron Paned Antiqued Mirror
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f you’re in the market for a vintage wall mirror to give some attitude to a boring wall space, look no further. To add a little Arabian flair to your space, consider our Distressed White Wood Framed Mirror with an arched wood frame. This mirror features a distressed neutral finish with gold accents that can add sophistication and charm to living room or dining room spaces. This is a medium-sized mirror that won’t overpower small rooms like bathrooms, but rather gives the impression of a window and added depth.


Our Industrial Wall Mirror with Lights is another stunning option in the vintage style. This conversation piece features an industrial frame with two antique-style side lamps that demand attention. This piece makes an excellent focal point and it wants to tell a story. As a medium-sized mirror, it can fit well as an accent piece in just about any space in your home.

Large Wall Mirrors

A large wall mirror can behave like a window, adding extra light and a sense of expansiveness to small or dark spaces in the home. Our Industrial Metal Mirror with Rotating Top is a larger wall-feature that has a metal frame that features a top-tilting mirror that can be positioned to capture the perfect angle of reflection to suit the space. The aged finish is neutral and though it adds interest, this look fits neatly into just about any design.

Small Wall Mirrors


It can be challenging to find small wall mirrors that truly stand out. Our Salvaged Wood Shutter Mirrors definitely make a statement that’s not to be ignored! These ecologically-friendly design elements are made from distressed cabinet doors that measure just over a foot in width and less than two feet in height.

Round Wall Mirrors

One of our customers’ favorites is the Metal Oval Wall Mirror with Shelf, a round wall-mirror that features a small shelf and a side-caged design. Put a candle or an antique trinket on the shelf as a focal point. You can’t go wrong with this piece if you want a functional wall-hanging to add an imaginative dimension to an otherwise boring space.