Kitchen Linens

Vintage Kitchen Linens

Kitchen linens are one of the most essential finishing touches for any kitchen. At A Cottage in the City, we have all different kinds of kitchen linens so that you can choose the perfect design for your vintage kitchen space!

These Red Stripe Cotton Dishtowels are sturdily made and stylish. The towels are made from 100% cotton and machine washable and their style is perfect for almost any vintage aesthetic. Classically designed, these dishtowels are an excellent addition to your kitchen or dining room.


French vintage styles call for authentically French linens. If your vintage kitchen has a European influence, then these French Inspired Cotton Dishtowels are a great match! They come in two different colors, natural and navy blue, so you can choose the design that fits your kitchen best.


A vintage kitchen with a Victorian or postmodern style will benefit from the addition of these Charcoal Napkins with Lace Trim. These napkins come in a set of 4 and are made from 100% cotton. Their sophisticated charcoal gray color with delicate scalloped lace edging will look wonderful at any vintage table or countertop.

Retro Kitchen Linens

Retro design spaces allow for a lot of creativity. A Cottage in the City knows how much impact a good set of tea napkins or a carefully placed dishtowel can have in a kitchen space, and so we offer attractive, carefully curated retro linens to complete your design.


Ruffles are always welcome in any retro kitchen, and these Striped Cotton Tea Towels are thus a great set to include in your home! The towels are available in either taupe or black, both with white stripes, and feature a charming lightly faded appearance.


Plenty of retro style kitchens have bright color schemes, and what better way to tie together a vibrantly decorated kitchen than with these lovely Farmhouse Baking Dishtowels? Choose from Sugar (red), Flour (blue), or Cocoa (brown) styles or collect them all!


These Red Check Dishtowels will never go out of style, but they look particularly at home in a retro kitchen. Two red and cream check patterns are available depending on which you prefer, and all dish towels are made from 100% cotton and are machine washable.

Country Kitchen Linens

Linens are a crucial tool in any kitchen, so having high quality, pretty kitchen linens for your country style home is necessary to create a cohesive aesthetic. Our kitchen linens are durable and stylish, the ideal combination for linens in a country home.


These Citrus Fruit Cotton Tea Towels come in 4 different styles: lemons, oranges, lemons with stripes, and oranges with stripes. Featuring vibrant colors and a pretty, vintage style, these tea towels will make a wonderful accent in any country style kitchen.


If you’re looking for something a bit more rugged to bring the outdoors into your country kitchen, consider these Burlap Style Cotton Napkins. These napkins are 100% cotton, but they feel like authentic old burlap and are a versatile light cream color that will fit well with any color scheme.


The gingham pattern is a timeless pattern featured in modern country kitchens that strive to revive the vintage aesthetic. This Gingham Cotton Waffle Weave Dishtowel Set contains three gingham patterned dish towels, gray and white, black and white, and yellow and white. 

Farmhouse Kitchen Linens

The farmhouse style is charming and sweet, and your kitchen linens should match that style if you’re hoping to achieve an authentic farmhouse appearance in your home. A Cottage in the City has many kitchen linens that will suit the farmhouse style beautifully.


This Farmhouse Natural Cotton Napkins Set features four black and white cotton napkins with checked or striped patterns. The designs are lightly faded and the fabric gently worn to give these napkins the appearance of having been well used and well loved.


If your kitchen and dining room share the same space, chances are you want to blend the two together so they share the same style. This Linen Yellow Table Runner will give your dining table the perfect amount of farmhouse charm to create cohesion between the dining area and kitchen while highlighting the tasty foods that you’ve prepared for your guests.