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September 01, 2021 7 min read

Finding the best oil for your wood furniture is extremely important for the overall health of yourfurniture.

Keeping your wood furniture oiled will make it last longer and make it stronger. 

Since wood finishes don’t have the same protection and durability as furniture that is lacquer or varnish, you will want to do everything you can to ensure you keep your furniture looking in the best shape possible.

cleaning wooden furniture with oil 

Benefits of Oil for Wooden Furniture

There are numerous benefits to oiling your wooden furniture. Let’s examine some of the most common benefits of oiling your wooden furniture. 

Enhances the natural look of wood

Applying oil will help the furniture keep its natural sheen and texture. It does this by penetrating the upper layers of the wood and enhancing it’s natural appearance.


Protects the furniture 

Using oil can help seal your wooden furniture and protect it against stains and other liquids as they will not be able to set in due to the protection from the oil.


Hides imperfections

Using oil on wood furniture will also hide the imperfections of your furniture. Over time, you may damage your wooden furniture due to wear and tear. Oil can help cover the damage up.

Oil will also cover imperfections naturally occurring on the wood. Wood furniture is bound to have some naturally occurring imperfections due to the way it’s made and the material of the wood. Oil will also help to cover these imperfections.

cleaning wooden furniture with oil


Removes dirt

Dirt and wax always build upon furniture over time, especially with daily use. Oils will help to remove dirt and grime. On some wooden furniture, it is not safe to use household cleaners and products, so using oil is the best way to remove the dirt and debris.

Less polishing

If you are oiling your furniture regularly, you won’t need to polish it as often. The oil will cover scrapes and indentations taking away the need to polish the wood to give it a new look.


The 10 Best Oil Products for Wooden Furniture

cleaning wooden furniture with oil

There are endless options for finding the best product to oil your wooden furniture. Use this list and guide to find the best one to fit your needs.


1.    Danish Wood Oil


This Danish wood oil can be bought in either a quart or pint and for over 10 different colors of wood to ensure you get the proper one for your furniture. It dries to the touch after as little as 6 hours after applying. This way you don’t need to wait for it to dry before you get on with your daily life.


Danish wood oil is easy to apply and will give your furniture a warm and rich glow. It will protect your furniture against spills and chipping.


  • Fast-drying technique
  • Quart size covers up to 170 square feet
  • The aluminum container keeps oil in good condition when stored
  • Ensures abrasion and chipping protection


2.    Boiled Linseed Oil


This oil dries in 12-18 hours and is great for applying to unfinished wood products. It greatly enhances the natural wood tones and grain patterns of the wood. This will make your furniture look almost brand new after you are done oiling it.


The wood pores can be deeply and easily penetrated with this linseed oil. It will also intensify the color of your wood. With the easy-to-use metal container, you can be sure you will be using this anytime you need to oil your furniture.


Apply it to unfinished wood for a uniform, tough, elastic, and glossy film. It can also extend and fortify oil-based paints and coating. This is the best oil to use for added protection against watermarks, scratching and nicks.



  • Intensifies wood tone and grain pattern
  • Made from seeds of flax plants
  • Fast-drying
  • Well penetration tech for wood coating


3.    Tung Oil


Tung oil is known for penetrating much deeper than other kinds of oils. It will go depth into the wood fibers and cure to the flexible non-oily sold. This simply means it will become part of the wood itself and not just sit on the top surface.


It is resistant to moisture, alcohol, oil, and everyday wear and tear. It lasts longer than mineral oil and wax-based products. It’s also considered non-toxic so you can use it on surfaces that you cook on such as cutting boards, butcher blocks, countertops, wooden bowls, and wooden utensils.


Simply wipe it on and allow the oil to cure at room temperature. There are no additives, and the bottle is BPA-free. This is one of the best oils you can use in the kitchen or on surfaces that are frequently touched by children.


  • Natural oil look with hand-rubbed finish
  • FDA approved to use on food contact surfaces
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Best for deeper penetration


4.    Watco Danish Oil (A67141)


This is another Danish oil by the popular brand WATCO. This is specially designed for woods such as mahogany, teak, and rosewood. It provides the perfect finish and penetrates wood pores very deeply. It will give all your furniture a very warm glow.


It only takes 8 hours to drive, while many other teak woods take several days or longer. The fast-drying feature allows you to get back to your daily life quicker without having to wait for the wood to dry.


The oil is UV and moisture resistant, so it’s great to use on outdoor furniture or furniture that sits by windows. The one-quart can over up to 17 square feet at one time.


  • The best protection for dense woods
  • Fast-drying and tack-free
  • UV and moisture resistant
  • One-step protection for all your important wood furniture


5.    Australian Timber Oil


This is the best option if you are looking for natural oil finishes rather than deepening the color of your wood. Since this is a natural oil, it will take longer to dry than some of the other options. Give this oil about 24-48 hours to dry completely.


The quart size will cover about 400-600 square feet of wood. It will penetrate your wood spores without any toxic materials or fumes. It gives a better texture and perfect protection for all your wood.


  • Natural formula is better for your home
  • Works with painting supplies
  • Quart size can cover a large area


6.    Oil Cleaner and Soap


This is different from the other options because it is an oil that also cleans your furniture. It gives you an easier way to polish and clean your furniture at the same time. It is mostly of natural ingredients with only 2% synthetic fillers.


It will make your furniture look new with minimal effort. The oil combined with the soap gives the oil a natural fragrance. It is best used for finished and sealed wood because the soap may damage unfinished or unsealed wood products. You can also apply it to wipe out non-wood surfaces.


  • Ideal for finished woods
  • Orange oil blend is best for multi-purpose spraying
  • Oil soap is much better for cleaning than household products
  • The natural ingredients with the synthetic mixture wipe smoothly


7.    Low Gloss Tung Oil


Another Tung oil, but this one is considered to be superior quality. It penetrates wood pores very deeply and gives an amazing finish over the surface. It is a low gloss tech that induces better resistance to water, acid, and alkali.


You can rub it on using a brush or a normal cloth. It’s best used with marine woods and furniture, but it can be used on any furniture product. The container can cover about 600 square feet and will take about 16 hours to dry.


  • Good penetration for furniture and woods
  • Hand-rubbed finish with durability
  • Water and acid resistant
  • Expels new coat of natural color


8.    Danish Oil Finish


Another Danish Oil, this one is combined with linseed oil. It gives us a fast and easy application with good-grade particles. It’s one of the best oils you can use to rub your interior woods and furniture.


This oil gives you a toxic-free application that is great for everyday use and new furniture. You can also use it on woods that are in the kitchen and will come into contact with food. The container allows you to polish up to 1000 square feet.


  • Polymerized oil makes application easier
  • Comes with food-grade purity making it safe for cooking wood
  • Danish oil finish combined with linseed oil
  • Budget-friendly and can cover large areas


9.    Premium Teak Oil


This premium oil will induce the wood color and add protection to the wood. It has an advanced level of conditioning because it is combined with advanced tung oil polymer. It can also protect our furniture against UV and water making it a great option for outdoor furniture.


The high molecular weight polymers will easily enrich the look of your furniture and the natural wood grain. Since it’s a premium natural oil, the finish will also last longer and really refresh the look of your wood.


  • UV absorbing tech to prevent weathering
  • Enhances teak wood look
  • Ideal for marine teak furniture


10.  Wood Polish and Conditioner


This is a polishing oil and refurbishing oil all in one product. It is combined with Brazilian carnauba and original beeswax to better protect your wood. It will enhance the natural color of your furniture and get very deep into the grain.


It also dries very quickly. You can also use it on kitchen cabinets and doors to better preserve the quality.


  • Carnauba wax and beeswax blend enhance protection
  • Petroleum prevents further wood drying
  • Conditioning oil for highlighting natural color


Frequently asked questions about oil and wood furniture



Will Oil Darken Wood?

Some oils will darken the wood. Danish oil is one of the main oils used to darken the wood. However, most oils will just enhance the natural color, not actually darken it.


Does Oil Seal Wood? 

Yes, you can use the oil to seal the wood and keep it from staining.


How to Apply Oil to Wooden Furniture?

This depends on the oil:

  • Danish and teak:apply with a soft brush or cloth. Lighting sand with sandpaper. Apply 3 to 4 coatings and wipe off excess.
  • Linseed: Apply 5 coats with sanding. Wait for 3 to 4 days between coats.
  • Tung: Apply 3 to 5 layers with sanding. Allow 2 to 3 days of drying time between each coat.

How to Clean Oil from Wooden Furniture?

  1.    Soak up excess oil with a paper towel.
  2.    Mix a mild detergent solution or vinegar in a bowl.
  3.    Clean the area with the solution with a soft brush.
  4.    Avoid using bristles and wear gloves. 

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