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September 01, 2021 6 min read

Furniture is one of the longer lasting items in your home. Thus, it is critical to take good care of it, so it can serve you for years to come. 

Clean and well-maintained furniture represents a home that is properly looked after. If you are thinking of refreshing the look of your furniture, polishing it is the easiest and most cost-effective solution. 

This article will be your comprehensive guide for cleaning and polishing your furniture to preserve it. This will allow you to make the best choice; whether you should DIY or hire someone.


Why is it Important to Polish Your Wood Furniture?

One of the fundamental questions here is why you should regularly polish your furniture and how it helps make it last longer. Polishing it not only helps to enhance the look of your furniture but is also necessary to prevent it from getting damaged. Following are some of the important benefits of regularly polishing your furniture:

  •       The polish adds an extra layer of protection on your wood furniture reducing the impact of daily wear and tear ensuring that it will last longer.
  •       The polish shields your furniture from (stubborn) stains because it prevents the wood from absorbing any liquid that may be accidently spilled on it.
  •       Polishing your furniture gives it a fresh look and buffing it before polishing helps rid of any imperfections such as texture and/or scratches making it look better!
  •       Depending on the kind of polish you are using, newly polished furniture can give your room a fresh scent.
  •       Finally, polish acts as a protective layer and prevents it from trapping dust particles on its surface making it quicker and easier to clean.


How to Polish Wood Furniture

If it is your first ever experience of polishing wood furniture, below are some important steps you should take to ensure that you do a great job, and your furniture doesn’t suffer because of your lack of experience. These steps will make your life easier and you will have it polished in no time!


  1. Do Not Work in Poor Ventilation

If you are polishing furniture with a product that releases strong fumes, it is not safe to polish it in an area with poor ventilation. However, if you don’t have another alternative, for instance, you are polishing your hardwood floor, it is always advisable to open your room’s windows and turn on a fan or air conditioner for cross ventilation. Also wear an N95 mask to protect yourself from the strong fumes of furniture polish!

  1. Clear the Mess Before Starting

It is critical to have ample space to work before you start the process. Ensure that you move any plants, decoration pieces or other furniture away from the piece you are polishing. It is best to work in an area that is not easily accessible for pets and children. Do not forget to cover the floor with a tarp to protect it from polish stains as well. Before polishing the hardwood floors, it is recommended to remove all furniture from the room to ensure that you can reach all nooks and crannies without being hindered.

  1. Dust the Furniture Before Polishing

Any dust particles on your furniture should be properly removed by a dry cloth to ensure a smooth polish. If you don’t properly clean the furniture ahead of polishing it, the dust particles may end up ruining its finish. Professionals recommend using either professional-grade timber cleaner, or a mix of hot water and dish soap for removing dust. After it has been thoroughly dusted, wipe the surface with a moist cloth before drying it with a kitchen towel.

  1. Polish the Furniture

You can buy furniture polish from any hardware or convenience store near you. We have also included a list of the five best polishes for your wood furniture at the end of this article. Use a small cloth to apply polish to the furniture. Buff the polish on the piece avoiding circular motions since it may leave slight scratches in the wood which will become more prominent after the polish has cured. It is also recommended to wear old clothes and protective shoes while polishing your furniture to prevent unwanted staining of your clothes.

How to Ensure the Best Finish for your Wood Furniture

There are various factors that need to be taken into consideration to ensure the best possible finish for your wood furniture. Following are some of the critical factors that will ensure that your furniture looks as good as new:

  1. Choosing a Cloth

Although polishing wood furniture does not require a special cloth, it is recommended not to use a coarse cloth or any cloth that has too much lint. This is because textured cloths will most likely leave an uneven finish in the polish.

  1. Minor Scratches

While polishing your wood furniture, take extra care while working on areas that have any imperfections such as minor scratches. Although some imperfections can be removed by using timber polish and a fiber cloth, this is not true for bigger areas. Deep scratches on the surface of the wood will need to be refinished and smoothed. It is recommended to let a professional take care of them for you if you do not have experience with this.

  1. Detailed Woodwork

Extensive woodwork can be hard to polish. A quick and simple way to ensure that you polish each corner is to rub the polish as much as you can using a small piece of cloth. Afterwards using a soft-bristled brush, apply the polish on the problematic areas to achieve an even finish.  Direct sunlight can erode the look of wood furniture. It is ideal to keep it away from exposure to direct sunlight. Although a layer of polish offers protection to some extent, unpolished wood can get easily damaged.

How Often Should I Polish My Wood Furniture?

There are several factors that will help answer this question. The first and most important factor is how frequently the piece of furniture in question is used. Repeatedly wiping and scrubbing a piece of furniture will erode its finish. The more frequently you clean your furniture, the more frequently it will need to be polished. The next logical question is how will you know that your furniture needs to be polished now? The answer to that is simple; when you notice that the glistening finish of your wood furniture has been damaged, it is a sign that the furniture needs to be polished again.

The Best Polish for Wood Furniture

Now that you have learned about how to polish your furniture and what factors to keep in mind before starting, below are some of the best polishes for wood furniture.

  1. Howard Products FW0016 Wood Polish & Conditioner

Howard products FW0016 wood polish and conditioner is the best polish for all types of wood. It protects your furniture because of the Carnauba wax and beeswax it contains. It offers a lustering finish to your furniture and will prevent it from getting dried out. It does not contain any harmful ingredients that may damage your furniture such as silicone or linseed oil.

  1. The Original Bee’s Wax Old World Formula Furniture Polish

The Original Bee’s wax old-world formula furniture polish is a versatile product that can be used not only on wood but also on marble, wrought iron, glass and mirrors etc. It polishes your wood furniture very effectively. Despite the name, it helps you restore the new-like finish of your wood furniture without making it greasy.

  1. Guardsman 461300 Clean & Polish For Wood Furniture

Guardsman 461300 Clean & Polish is gentle enough to be used regularly. It protects your wood furniture from discoloration and will make it look sparkling clean. It also does a great job of covering fine scratches to give a smoother look to the furniture. It has a fresh lemon scent and is silicone-free. What more can you ask for?

  1. Weiman Wood Cleaner and Furniture Polish Spray

The Weiman Wood Cleaner and Furniture Polish Spray gently cleanses the wood without making the imperfections worse. The polish instantly moisturizes the surface of the wood and protects it from drying out. It has a nice almond fragrance. Also, this polish is silicon-free and has no wax buildup. You can easily use it on doors, tables, chairs, cabinets, and benches etc.

  1. Daddy Van’s All Natural Unscented Beeswax Furniture Polish

Daddy Van’s All Natural Unscented Beeswax Furniture Polish nourishes, moisturizes, and improves all types of wood. It offers a shine to both finished and unfinished wood and contains all non-toxic ingredients. As evident from the name, this polish is odorless and water-resistant.

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