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June 23, 2022 5 min read

To the outside world, the exterior decor of your farmhouse says a lot about what your home's environment is like.

In this article, we go over a variety of farmhouse exterior decor ideas that can help you create the atmosphere that you want your home to have.

Farmhouse Exterior Ideas

1. All White Exterior

When you paint your outside walls with white, your farmhouse will have a simple, clean, and inviting vibe. To add to that, all-white exteriors highlight the shape of your home and make your house look bigger.

2. Colored Door

In the same vein, the color of your front door conveys a lot about you and your home.

Depending on the type of environment that you want, here are some common exterior door colors and what they stand for:

  • White: Tells your guests that you're simple, organized, and clean.
  • Red: Creates an energetic and cozy vibe.
  • Blue: Symbolizes calmness and trust.  
  • Black: Represents class, elegance, and financial prosperity.

3. Board and Batten Siding

Installing a board and batten siding on the exterior of your farmhouse has visual and practical benefits.

Visually, board and batten sidings will give your home an appealing and attention-grabbing look. Not only is this important while you live in your farmhouse, but its eye-catching design could also make it easier for you to sell it.

On the practical end, board and batten sidings last for a long time because they can withstand rainstorms, strong winds, and other harsh weather conditions.

4. Stucco Look

Similarly, stucco enhances the appearance of your home and the longevity of its structures.

First of all, a stucco design gives a building a unique, attractive, and modern vibe. Its colors and design patterns may be easily customized.

Secondly, stucco is fireproof, durable in the face of extreme weather situations, and it keeps pests from entering your home. Above all, stucco is much more affordable than most exterior design materials.

5. Dark Trims

A dark floor trim makes your farmhouse feel warm and cozy. If you have bright furniture and decorations or wide windows, dark trims would bring attention to and highlight the lighter-colored elements in the room.

6. Oversize Barn Door

Traditionally, large barn doors are installed in areas where large amounts of farming supplies and products get stored.

When it comes to decorating, an oversize barn door gives your home a traditional and classic farmhouse vibe. It can also be helpful for moving big items and boxes into and outside of the home.

7. Gable Roof

This option is particularly ideal if you live in an area that regularly experiences cold weather, snow, and rainfall.

To clarify, gable roofs consist of two upwards-sloping panels that merge and form a triangle-shaped roof. In turn, this prevents the rain and snow from accumulating on top of the home and potentially leading to water leaks and related damages.

8. Horizontal Siding

Those who regularly go in and out of the house may appreciate horizontal sliding doors. This is because sliding doors are much less likely to break or become squeaky over time.

Additionally, you can keep a sliding door open for as long as you'd like, even when it's windy. By installing a screen, you wouldn't have to worry about any bugs entering your home, either.

9. Low Pitch Gable Roof

In comparison to a gable roof with a high slope, there are several major advantages to a low pitch roof:

  • You don't have to worry about maintaining an attic.
  • A low pitch roof minimizes the amount of space in your home, which allows cold and hot air to stay concentrated in your living area and bedrooms.
  • It costs less than a gable roof with a highly-pitched slope.

With that being said, a low pitch gable roof is not as effective as its traditional counterparts at preventing water and snow from accumulating.

10. Metal Roof

Metal and both low and high pitch gable roofs share some characteristics. Namely, metal withstands extreme weather, is fire resistant, and has enough insulation to prevent water and pests from getting into your home.

Equally as important is that metal is long lasting and, at the same time, relatively cheap to install.

11. Lawn Chairs

Lawn chairs allow you and your guests to comfortably sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. To passers by, lawn chairs can express that you have a cozy, yet fun and entertaining, home.

When shopping around for lawn chairs, you may want to choose the ones that are made out of materials that are suitable for your local area's weather conditions.

12 Wreaths

Many people commonly hang circular wreaths with red and green plants and flowers during Christmas. However, you could also hang a wreath with other types of flowers (such as seasonal ones) at any time of the year.

Not only does this enhance your farmhouse's appearance, but it shows your guests and neighbors that you appreciate gardening and the outdoors.

13. Door Mat

While simple and cliche, door mats are among the best forms of exterior decorations for enlivening your home's entrance. Furthermore, you may pick a doormat that conveys your desires and preferences.

For instance, a colorful doormat that says 'Welcome Home' creates an energetic and cozy vibe. A plain doormat with a message like 'Wipe Your Shoes' indirectly tells your guests that you value cleanliness and hygiene.

14. Potted Plants

Potted plants give your home's design a unique and personal touch. Just as with most other exterior decorations, the shapes and colors of your plants should be based on the environment and mood that you want your farmhouse to attain.

15. Window Shutters

Apart from preventing the sunshine from getting into your bedroom and waking you up, window shutters make your farmhouse look classy and elegant.

16. Farmhouse Style Garage Doors

Farmhouse garage doors are big enough to fit tractors and large vehicles. Even if you have a small or compact car, consider adding a farmhouse style garage door to give your home a true barn-like feel.

Here, you want to choose a garage door with a design that matches the rest of your exteriors. 

17. Barn Lights

Barn lights can also create an authentic farmhouse atmosphere. Due to how big they are, barn lights will keep your porch and driveway bright in the evening.

This is a great perk for those who enjoy quiet evenings on their lawn chairs, barbecues, and/or spending time with company outside.

18. Wood Bench Swing

With a wood bench swing, your home will have the appearance of an authentic and classic farmhouse. Moreover, a swing would give your porch and garden a welcoming and cozy feel.

19. Contrast Warm and Cool Material

Warm colors (such as red, orange, and pink) establish a snug and comfy environment. Cool colors (blue and green, for instance), on the other hand, represent calmness.

By combining warm and cool colors, you can attain the exact vibe and emotional atmosphere that you want your farmhouse to have.

As an example, a warm-colored floor could be balanced with cool furniture. Meanwhile, if you prefer to have cool-colored walls and ceilings, consider adding some heat to your rooms by using carpets or floors with warm colors.

20. Coarse Stone

Coarse stone structures are advantageous because they are bad weather-proof, insulated, can be used on the interiors and exteriors, and give off a modern, elegant, and natural vibe. Coarse stones have different textures and colors. 

Needless to say, if you're thinking about installing decor that’s made from coarse stones, make sure that you choose the design that has the feel and environment that you want your farmhouse to have.

Lastly, but certainly not least, pick the coarse stones that blend well with your other exteriors, including your walls (and their colors), doors, windows, roof, doormat, plants, and the rest of the decorations that we covered in this article.

In fact, this should be the case even if you prefer alternative elements over coarse stone. Doing so will allow your farmhouse's exterior decor to fully express who you are and what your home's environment is like.

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