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September 18, 2022 3 min read

Sweltering temperatures during summer may leave you in a tight spot over what bedding to use. With your big fluffy comforter making your bed feel like a sauna, what other options do you have?

Here are five summer-friendly bedding options for sweat-free slumbers.

1. Invest in a Multi-tog Duvet

Buying multiple duvets for each climate isn't quite economical. So why not get one that you can use all year round? A multi-tog duvet is basically a two-in-one duvet that comes with:

  • A low-tog duvet (lightweight)
  • A high-tog duvet (medium weight)

Both duvets have button features that allow you to fasten them together to form a heavier duvet, perfect for the chilly winter months. And when it gets hot during the summer, you can always detach them and use the lightweight one. This also means that you get extra duvets for when you have guests sleeping over at your house.

2. Use a Light Quilt or Blanket

You'll definitely want to put away your thick quilts and flannels during the hot summer nights. But if you're used to having blankets on as part of your bedding routine, it might be hard to catch some sleep without them.

That being said, you can throw on a light quilt or blanket. Besides keeping you covered and comfortable, light blankets have the following features that you may like:

  • Lightweight Construction: Lightweight blankets are usually loosely knitted or woven together. This gives you the feeling of a duvet but without the extra weight and warmth that comes with it.
  • Cooling technologies: Some light quilts and blankets feature temperature-regulating technologies that store and give off heat. These can help you maintain a stable body temperature even during hot nights.
  • Breathable fabrics: They are made of fabrics that don't trap heat but drive it out to keep you cool and dry.
  • Beautiful designs: Light blankets and quilts come in endless styles and eye-catching colors, prints, and patterns. You can use them to add visual interest and character to your bed. For example, you can choose bright colors like fuchsia and aquamarine to complement your bedroom décor.

3. Use Your Duvet Cover or a Flat Sheet

How many layers do you have on your bed? Can you count a bottom sheet, a top sheet, a blanket, a duvet, and several throw pillows? If that's so, you need to shed some layers for a comfortable night's sleep during the summer months.

You can use a duvet cover or a flat sheet instead of your typical down-filled duvet. Essentially, you should go for lighter versions made of cotton or linen and in light and vivid colors such as white, sky blue, light green, and sunny yellow.

Light-colored beddings are said to reflect instead of absorb heat that enters your bedroom during the day. So they'll remain cool through the day and into the night.

4. Use Natural Fibers

Synthetic fabric beddings trap heat without releasing it. They are, therefore, not suitable for long, sweaty summer nights. You can swap them for beddings made from natural fibers, such as:

  • A light feather duvet
  • Wood or cotton-filled pillows
  • Linen bed sheets
  • Cotton, bamboo, or lyocell blanket

Here are the advantages of using beddings woven from natural fibers:

  • Breathability: Fabrics made from natural fibers breathe really well and help ventilate your body while you're asleep. This helps you stay cool throughout the night.
  • Comfortable: They also get softer over time and are comfortable on your skin.
  • Hypoallergenic: They're less likely to cause you an allergic reaction.
  • Durability: They hold up quite well to frequent washing.

5. Cover Your Feet

Your body temperature drops just before you fall asleep and continues to dip across the night. That's because your body releases heat through the feet and fingers. And as a part of its energy-saving mechanism, it redirects the heat to other body functions.

That being said, lighter blankets may provide an airier feel to your body but may leave your feet somewhat chilly. By covering them with a heavy blanket, you can regulate your body temperature and stop it from fluctuating throughout the night.

The Bottom Line

The last thing you'd want to have on your bed during summer is heavy bedding. To have a good night's sleep, you'll have to toss out your heavy flannel sheets and duvet and replace them with more breathable options.

For summer nights, you can choose from lighter blankets, duvet covers, and flat sheets made of natural fibers like cotton, linen, or silk. These fabrics don't trap heat, making your nights less sweaty and more peaceful.



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