Vintage Metal Signs

Wall hangings are one of the final and most essential aspects of any authentic vintage design. From the bathroom to the kitchen and from the bedroom to the living room, all areas of the home can benefit from a carefully chosen vintage metal sign like those offered at A Cottage in the City. Our vintage metal signs, like the Life Gives You Lemons sign or the Dried Herbs Metal Hanging Rack, are a clever and unique way to provide instructions, information, and inspirational thoughts through high-quality design.

Metal Milk Cows Advertising Sign
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Add Some Humor through Metal Signs

No matter the style of your home, introducing some humor and whimsy is a great way to amp up the Fun Factor in any space. Clever sayings on old-style signs are sure to bring a smile to your guests’ faces and spark good-natured, light conversation.

The “Oh No, Not You Again” metal sign welcomes your guests into your home with a healthy dose of comedy. Black embossed words on a white iron background provides surprising contrast, perfect for shabby chic and traditional vintage styles. This sign may go inside or outside the home and in any room depending on your design needs.

If your home is designed in the farmhouse or industrial vintage style, the Be a Nice Human Reclaimed Steel Sign offers wonderful style along with inspiration and humor. This sign speaks an important message in a way that is sure to make your guests chuckle in agreement.

Show the Way

Incorporate directional signs to partition off distinct areas of your home and ease your organizational efforts while also giving your home a distinctly rustic vibe. Vintage metal signs indicating different areas, such as for the laundry room or the coffee nook, will contribute old world charm to any space.

This Hanging Metal Pantry Sign goes perfectly outside a walk-in pantry area. Indicating that a particular area is a pantry space is a great way to keep your guests from getting lost and to tell them exactly where they need to go to get a tasty snack!

Do your guests ever get lost on their way to the toilet? With this Iron Bathroom Plaque, they’ll never lose their way again! Black writing on a white background speaks of old style street signs, perfect for directing your guests to the bathroom in your vintage eclectic or shabby chic style home.

Inspire Your Guests

Vintage metal signs with inspiring messages make beautiful adornments on the walls of any room in the home. A Cottage in the City offers a variety of metal sign styles with all kinds of messages, including inspirational sayings that will leave your guests considering the most important things in life.

The Be Kind Reclaimed Steel Sign features the saying, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind” written in white letters on rusty steel sheet metal. The worn wooden frame on the back of the sign makes for easy hanging while completing an authentically farmhouse vintage metal sign design.

If you want your rustic home’s decoration to speak of the good old days while honoring the future good times to come, then the Distressed Metal Good Old Days Sign is an excellent addition. This sign has black writing on a white background with a black border, making it perfect for any room with any vintage-inspired color scheme.