Wood Signs

Wooden Signs

Wooden signs engraved with inspirational messages, humorous musings, or artwork have always been popular in the interior design world. If you’re looking for that perfect extra Wow-Factor to put the final touch on a room design, a beautifully handcrafted wooden sign might just be the answer!

At A Cottage in the City, we offer high-quality, skillfully created wooden signs to give our customers the opportunity to express themselves! Our signs may be humorous, inspiring, or thought-provoking, but they’re always unique and designed to make your home stand-out from the crowd.

Stylish Wooden Signs

Wooden signs carry a wonderful beauty that is unmatched by any other kind of wall decoration. They are rustic yet modern at the same time and they carry old-world charm that makes them fit perfectly into any vintage-style home.

Our wooden signs have a combination of engraved phrases and designs and we offer a number of different styles so that you can choose a style that works best for you. Whether you’re looking for an inspiring motto for your living room wall, or a humorous quote for the kitchen, we’ve got you covered!

We know that there are many different types of rooms in all different shapes and sizes, so we offer a variety of creative solutions to enhance any space. We offer small clever signs for tight spaces and robust, heartwarming signs for larger areas. Choose from a selection of vertical or horizontal sign orientations to really make a statement!

It’s important to take color scheme and individual aesthetic into account when deciding on any piece of decor. At A Cottage in the City, we offer wooden signs in various colors, styles, and fonts that will help you unequivocally get your message across!

We have cleanly designed modern wooden signs as well as signs that are full of antique character with an ultra-worn appearance. We have decorative selections in bright colors as well as minimalist options in muted monotones.  If you can imagine it, you’ll find it here! Our country signs are especially popular.

We offer decorative pieces with funny or inspiring messages that take designer spaces to a whole new level of expression. At A Cottage in the City we have the perfect sign to help you say whatever it is that you want to say!

Tasteful Wooden Signs

We have a number of different messages engraved on different finishes. There are plenty of options to choose from! For vintage-lovers, we have antique-style signs such as this one for the kitchen, but also have a number of inspirational and humorous pieces as well.

If you prefer to send an insightful, powerful message through wall decor, we have no shortage of signs with inspiring quotes available. Placing a perfectly designed wooden sign with an thought-provoking message on the wall of a living room or entryway is a great way to start conversations and express values and intentions to guests.

A vertically-oriented sign is an excellent choice for thinner walls, or it can be used as a statement piece to go between two other wall decorations. The theme of this sign’s message is particularly well-suited to spaces that embody a farmhouse vintage feel, or those that have a country style.

This “Happy House” sign with a jute rope for hanging is the perfect touch to a room that needs a bit of warmth. With its reclaimed wood finish and old-style font, this is a simple yet inspiring sign to hang in the entryway or living room.

Humorous Wooden Signs

Though inspiring quotes are a nice touch in any home, sometimes funny is more fun! Luckily, we have a supply of many different wooden signs with an array of quotes to make you laugh!

Are you married and do you regularly get into spats with your spouse about doing the dishes? This humorous wooden sign is perfect for the kitchen and will remind the man of the house that chipping in with the household chores will really pay off!

This reclaimed wooden sign is ideal if you want to add a dash of whimsy, humor, and fantasy to your other design elements. Funny messages can create the finishing touch to steampunk, vintage, or even postmodern-inspired themes.

Wooden Signs for Gifts

At A Cottage in the City, our humorous signs make excellent gifts for friends or family members. Need to find a birthday gift for someone who has a great sense of humor? We offer gifts of excellent design and craftsmanship mixed with plenty of wit and fun. Wooden signs are a clever and unique gift that can last for decades or longer.