Sugarboo Designs If The Sky Could Bring Me Photobox

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A mix of vintage and modern style, Sugarboo Designs, by Rebecca Puig, is sure to beautify your home with handmade creations laden with rich sentiments, juxtaposed textures, and natural elements. Each piece in the Sugarboo Designs Photobox collection is printed with a beautiful message designed to inspire while providing a gorgeous display for those cherished family photos.

Sugarboo Designs If The Sky Could Bring Me Photobox

"If the sky could bring me the heavens, they would bring me you. If the ocean could wash ashore a beautiful pearl, for it would be you. For I never knew the waters could be so deep, For I never knew such a spiritual union could be with you. It is as if one day I awoke and you were there.”- Charles E. Bailey

  • Unique, hand painted, and one of a kind
  • Each photobox is made entirely from real wood
  • Measures 20" x 20" square by 2” deep and holds a 4”x 4” photo in the center
  • 18 custom color finishes available
*Rush orders will ship in 2-3 weeks but can not always be accommodated. If Sugarboo is not taking rush orders at the time of order the Rush Fee will be refunded.